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Sleeping Pill Reviews | Somnamax Reviewed
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Somnamax Review

Does Somnamax Work?

Somnamax - Proven Sleeping Pill

Advertisers say SomnaMax is “unlike any other sleep aid on the market.”

An all-natural, over-the-counter sleep aid, it is said to be more potent than prescription sleep medicines. SomnaMax also offers “the best sleep of your life” without adverse side effects.

I was curious to know whether SomnaMax exceeded the potency of prescription sleep aids, so I did some research.


There are 15 ingredients in SomnaMax, and 1 serving (4 capsules) comprises about 2.4 g. The 6 most prevalent ingredients are described below.

Valerian Root [600 mg]. Many studies indicate valerian root is a potent sedative, and experts state it is possibly effective for treating insomnia. The optimum dosage of valerian root is 400-900 mg taken 2 hours prior to bedtime. [1]

Magnesium [425 mg]. Experts state that even marginal magnesium deficiency can keep the brain from settling down at night and thus disrupting sleep quality. [2] A typical dosage of magnesium for desired effects is 200-450 mg. [3]

Mucuna Pruriens [400 mg]. More commonly known as cowhage, it has been used for treating anxiety. Cowhage also contains L-dopa, a chemical in the brain which one study shows benefits sleep quality. [4] There is currently not enough scientific information to determine mucuna pruriens’ appropriate dosage.

Phenibut [400 mg]. In one study on alcoholics, phenibut was shown to increase sleep duration and reduce the duration of drowsiness after sleep. [5] The appropriate dosage of phenibut has not yet been determined by scientists.

Inositol [100 mg]. Inositol balances chemicals to treat conditions like panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The dosage needed to acutely treat these issues is 12-18 g/d—much higher than what’s found in SomnaMax. But, taking the smaller dosage may reduce the chances of side effects and still benefit sleep quality. [6]

L-Theanine [100 mg]. In one study, 200 mg theanine was administered to subjects. Theanine exhibited “some relaxing effects under resting conditions.” [7] Even though half of the studied amount is in SomnaMax, it will likely still have a beneficial effect.

Consumer Reviews

SomnaMax is a new product, and so consumer reviews are only found on the product’s promotional official website SomnaMax.com.

Here are a couple of reviews:

“I was always constantly falling asleep at work because I hadn't slept the night before and I could never get through my day quite how I wanted to. When I found SomnaMax my problems were solved. I take the supplement at night, fall right asleep, and wake up feeling awake and energized.” – Mandy

“This is a miracle! SomnaMax actually works, and there are no side effects! I was afraid of prescription sleep aids because of all the horror stories I'd head, but this product is amazing and doesn't cause any side effects.” – Jane

These are definitely promising, so I look forward to reading about more user experiences as they become available.

Purchasing SomnaMax

SomnaMax is only available through its official website SomnaMax.com, and the checkout process is protected through McAfee SECURE.

Purchasing is handled through QuickPay, asserting it can handle most credit card types and can conduct a checkout in just 60 seconds.

Potential customers have three options of purchase: 1 bottle of SomnaMax, 2 bottles of SomnaMax (plus 1 free bottle of Invigorate HGH), and 3 bottles of SomnaMax (plus 2 free bottles of HGH).

If a consumer decides to get just one bottle, shipping costs a flat-rate of $4.95. Purchasing two or three bottles does comes with free shipping.

Unsatisfied customers are promised a 100% money-back guarantee within 90 days of purchase. I chatted with a company representative named Sophie, who indicated the company does refund purchases when the unused product is returned.

Should You Buy SomnaMax?

SomnaMax’s main ingredients demonstrate legitimate benefit for getting a good night’s sleep, and users of this sleep aid will likely be satisfied.

I’m impressed with the money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, you have nothing to lose!


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Keep Reading!

We've received thousands of emails asking if we recommend any sleeping pills. There are a few brands that have received our stamp of approval. Here is a ranking and a brief analysis:

Our Sleeping Pill Reviews are based on the following 10 criteria:

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Safety
  3. Price
  4. Consumer Satisfaction
  5. Value
  6. Return Policy
  7. Reorder Rates
  8. Customer Service
  9. Strength
  10. Side Effects
#1 SomnaMax MSRP $149.99
Try SomnaMax

SomnaMax Review

SomnaMax is by far the most effective sleeping and “Feel Good Pill” legally available today. SomnaMax is the only product we reviewed that received a 100/100 score for power and effectivenes.


SomnaMax would have easily of been our #1 rated sleeping pill if it hand not been for its below average safety score (78/100). Having thoroughly reviewed Somabein we have found no traces of any illegal or banned substances such as zolpidem tartrate (ambien) and prescription pain relief medications some people suggest.


SomnaMax does, however, promote feelings of deep relaxation and improved sense of well being which put users into deep REM sleep. Most users describe it as a “Natural High”. There are rumors that SomnaMax will soon be taken off the market so finding bottles in the U.S. is sometimes difficult.


A 30 day supply retails for $149.99

Lowest Online Price: $59.99


Read full review

#2 Ambitropin MSRP $59.95
Try Ambitropin

Ambitropin is rated #2 for 4 reasons:

1) 94/100 Effectiveness Score

2) 99/100 Safety Score

3) It's cheap: It sells from $20-$30 a bottle, depending on quantity

4) Ambitropin offers a LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. No one else in the industry does this.

How does Ambitropin work?
It combines cutting edge mix of 9 powerful herbs that work together to relax your body, put you to sleep quickly, and help you stay asleep throughout the night. Proven ingredients, such as Valerian Root and Melatonin, provide deep sleep without the dreaded hangover effect.


In short, we are very excited about Ambitropin. There is not a better combination of effectiveness, safety and value on the market today. Plus, there is no risk with the Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. In the end, $20-$30 is worth a month of deep, relaxing sleep.



Ambitropin retails for $79.95

Lowest Online Price: $29.95


Read full review

#3 AmbeSleep MSRP $29.95
Try Restaid

AmbeSleep Review

At #3, AmbeSleep scored a 83/100 for effectiveness and 95/100 for safety. Though the amounts are not known, AmbeSleep contains 5 effective ingredients: Cysteine Milk Peptide, Melatonin, Vitamin B12. Lemon Balm Extract and Hops Extract. Cysteine is a unique ingredient; it breaks down toxins, stimulants, and alcohol - all of which disrupt sleeping patterns. The rest of the ingredients are great, but standard. Most consumers say that they didn't experience any side effects. However, there were also a number that felt AmbeSleep didn't do anything.


In the end, due to its high safety rating and positive consumer reviews, we give AmbeSleep the green light.


A 30 day supply retails for $49.95.

Lowest Online Price: $29.95


Read full review

Somnamax Consumer Reviews


SomnaMax is by far the most effective sleeping and “Feel Good Pill” legally available today. SomnaMax is the only product we reviewed that received a 100/100 score for power and effectiveness. But it scored an average of 78/100 for safety. SomnaMax does, however, promote feelings of deep relaxation and improved sense of well being which put users into deep REM sleep.

Quick Results
100/100 Effectiveness Score
Enhances Mood
100% Money Back Guarantee.

Retail: $149.99

Best Price: $60-$70


Ambitropin has the best of both worlds: effectiveness and safety. It contains a 2859 mg blend of 13 herbs and vitamins that work together to give you a deep, refreshing sleep without the side effects of some prescription and OTC medications.

#1 Rated Sleeping Pill
9 Effective Ingredientds
99/100 Safety Score
94/100 Effectiveness Score
100% Money Back Guarantee

Retail: $99.95

Best Price: $20-$30

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