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Not all sleeping pills are created equal. Some work, some don't. Some have nasty side effects, some don't. So how do you know which one you're getting? You need correct information. If you don't have correct information, it's a total crapshoot. We're here to help. Whether you're an insomniac desparately looking for a cure, or someone who has an occasional sleeping problem, SleepingPillReviews.com is here to assist you in making a good decision. Our editors have written numerous reviews, but, more importantly, we've created the framework for consumers like you to voice their opinions and help others out.

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We've received thousands of emails asking if we recommend any sleeping pills. There are a few brands that have received our stamp of approval. Here is a ranking and a brief analysis:

Our Sleeping Pill Reviews are based on the following 10 criteria:

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Safety
  3. Price
  4. Consumer Satisfaction
  5. Value
  6. Return Policy
  7. Reorder Rates
  8. Customer Service
  9. Strength
  10. Side Effects
#1 SomnaMax MSRP $149.99
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SomnaMax Review

SomnaMax is by far the most effective sleeping and “Feel Good Pill” legally available today. SomnaMax is the only product we reviewed that received a 100/100 score for power and effectivenes.


SomnaMax would have easily of been our #1 rated sleeping pill if it hand not been for its below average safety score (78/100). Having thoroughly reviewed Somabein we have found no traces of any illegal or banned substances such as zolpidem tartrate (ambien) and prescription pain relief medications some people suggest.


SomnaMax does, however, promote feelings of deep relaxation and improved sense of well being which put users into deep REM sleep. Most users describe it as a “Natural High”. There are rumors that SomnaMax will soon be taken off the market so finding bottles in the U.S. is sometimes difficult.


A 30 day supply retails for $149.99

Lowest Online Price: $59.99


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#2 Ambitropin MSRP $59.95
Try Ambitropin

Ambitropin is rated #2 for 4 reasons:

1) 94/100 Effectiveness Score

2) 99/100 Safety Score

3) It's cheap: It sells from $20-$30 a bottle, depending on quantity

4) Ambitropin offers a LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. No one else in the industry does this.

How does Ambitropin work?
It combines cutting edge mix of 9 powerful herbs that work together to relax your body, put you to sleep quickly, and help you stay asleep throughout the night. Proven ingredients, such as Valerian Root and Melatonin, provide deep sleep without the dreaded hangover effect.


In short, we are very excited about Ambitropin. There is not a better combination of effectiveness, safety and value on the market today. Plus, there is no risk with the Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. In the end, $20-$30 is worth a month of deep, relaxing sleep.



Ambitropin retails for $79.95

Lowest Online Price: $29.95


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#3 AmbeSleep MSRP $29.95
Try Restaid

AmbeSleep Review

At #3, AmbeSleep scored a 83/100 for effectiveness and 95/100 for safety. Though the amounts are not known, AmbeSleep contains 5 effective ingredients: Cysteine Milk Peptide, Melatonin, Vitamin B12. Lemon Balm Extract and Hops Extract. Cysteine is a unique ingredient; it breaks down toxins, stimulants, and alcohol - all of which disrupt sleeping patterns. The rest of the ingredients are great, but standard. Most consumers say that they didn't experience any side effects. However, there were also a number that felt AmbeSleep didn't do anything.


In the end, due to its high safety rating and positive consumer reviews, we give AmbeSleep the green light.


A 30 day supply retails for $49.95.

Lowest Online Price: $29.95


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Consumer Reviews

Tell Us About Your Favorite Sleeping Pills

Ambien's Not Great

My family physician prescribed Ambien for me. I was on it for about a month. I had to stop because I felt like crap the day after. I didn't even feel alert enough to drive. I think I feel better when I get 4-5 hours of sleep then I do the day after taking Ambien. In addition to making me groggy, it also gave me some crazy thoughts and I acted weird.

Ambitropin Works

I loved Ambitropin. It worked, it was cheap, and it made me feel alive the next day. It was strong, but it didn't put me into a coma-like state the next morning like so many other pills have.

I think Somabien Should Be #1

Which one?

I'm trying to decide between these three pills. Recommendation anyone?

Definitely Ambitropin

Ambitropin worked like a charm. By far the best herbal sleep aid I've ever used. I used to use Somabien, but it was too pricey and it made me feel groggy the next day.

I have to disagree - Somabien is #1

I tried two of the three of these per your recommendations. Somabien is by far the best. It's some powerful stuff. I was sounds asleep in about 45 minutes if I remember correctly. I woke up only one time and that was when my alarm went off at 5:30am (freaking work!). I felt AMAZING that morning. Somabien puts me a very relaxed state and put my mind at ease. I think I'd use it even if I didn't have a sleeping problem.

Ambitropin: Not Great, Not Awful

I love sleeping pills. I suffer from insomnia just about every night. I've tried a lot of stuff, even prescriptions. I have yet to find something that really works. I'm beginning to think there is no permanent cure for insomnia. My presctiptions and some OTC meds put me to sleep, but nothing is permanent. Ambitropin worked, not amazginly well, but just OK. I think my sleep problems are far too serious for an herbal solution.

Agreed, Somabien is Better

I actually don't know. I've only used prescription meds (Cheaper Here in Canada; Go Canada!), Sleeping Easy and Somabien. Prescription meds are great, but they're still expensive and dangerous. Sleeping easy was just plain awful. Somabien worked really well. It is expensive, but if you buy it from the right place you can get a good deal and it's worth it.


It worked great for me. I was out like a log within an hour. No hangover the next day either. A+.

Cheap Prescription Meds

I know cheap place for prescription meds. Email me:

I just was prescribed Ambien CR

Any guidance you want to give me?

Yeah, don't use it.

Ambien's does one thing great: puts you to sleep. It's a short-term solutionl; a band aid. There's no chemical cure for insomnia people. You're probably depreseed and need pschological work.

No Ambien, but Somabien Worked for me

Thanks for the tips guys. I've been sleeping well the past two weeks. I think the Phenibut in Somabien is awesome. I used to take that stuff to help with my anxiety. It's an expensive ingredient, but I loved it. It makes feel SO relaxed and I sleep great. Plus it makes me pretty happy. Don't use with alcohol by the way. I took phenibut (not Somabien) with alcohol a couple years ago and I got sloshed. There's a warning on a label for a reason. I actually think all sleeping pills are like that. Anyone know why?

So far I agree with your evaulations

I like this site. I consider myself a conneseur of fine diet pills. I've tried a lot of non-prescription meds. Still have yet to try prescriptions. Any how, I like Ambitropin and Restaid quite a bit. Ambitropin is definitely more powerful and somehow it's cheaper. I'd recommend either of these two.

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SomnaMax is by far the most effective sleeping and “Feel Good Pill” legally available today. SomnaMax is the only product we reviewed that received a 100/100 score for power and effectiveness. But it scored an average of 78/100 for safety. SomnaMax does, however, promote feelings of deep relaxation and improved sense of well being which put users into deep REM sleep.

Quick Results
100/100 Effectiveness Score
Enhances Mood
100% Money Back Guarantee.

Retail: $149.99

Best Price: $60-$70


Ambitropin has the best of both worlds: effectiveness and safety. It contains a 2859 mg blend of 13 herbs and vitamins that work together to give you a deep, refreshing sleep without the side effects of some prescription and OTC medications.

#1 Rated Sleeping Pill
9 Effective Ingredientds
99/100 Safety Score
94/100 Effectiveness Score
100% Money Back Guarantee

Retail: $99.95

Best Price: $20-$30

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